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Hlengiwe Luthuli Environmental Management is a specialist environmental management company that was set up, financed and owned entirely by Michael Hickman. Hlengiwe was designated as the CEO to take advantage of the benefits this brought to the company which have and will continue  to benefit Hlengiwe. HLEM was set up primarily in appreciation for the love and care that Hlengiwe Luthuli has show him over many years in particular when he was critically ill with hepatorenal syndrome caused by organic arsenic, chrome, copper poisoning to leave as a legacy for Hlengiwe and in due course HLEM will be handed over entirely to Hlengiwe.

HLEM under the close supervision of Michael Hickman strives towards professionalism and excellence in everything that it sets out to do, in particular to give the best possible service to the client and in the process to employ and to empower formally mostly disadvantaged Bantu women
HLEM has been endorsed by and will be supported by some of the very top experts and companies in the Environmental and Landscape Industry in the region many of whom will work in association with HLEM on projects as mentors, as experts, as well as partners where the need arises.

HLEM is run jointly by Hlengiwe and Michael with Michael being there to guide, to teach and to mentor Hlengiwe in the finer points required to successfully run such a specialist business.

HLEM (Pty) Ltd is at present owned and managed soley by Michael Hickman to undertake activities such as nursery production and farming.

This website is was designed, is maintained and is owned soley by Michael at  this point in time.

Michael Hickman continues to provide invaluable environmental, local plant as well as landscape and horticultural knowledge gained over many years to HLEM.

Hlengiwe Luthuli Experience
Hlengiwe has worked together with and has been trained and mentored by Michael Hickman of Ecoman since 2008, firstly on the eThekwini Municipality Green Roof Pilot Project, thereafter she has been involved in the planning and implementation of a number of other green roof projects.
Hlengiwe has also been involved in many landscape projects utilising only local indigenous plants from design to implementation, rehabilitation of coastal dune systems, rehabilitation of natural ecosystems and alien invasive weed control in sensitive natural ecosystems.
Hlengiwe worked for two years for Ziyenzeka Weed Control firstly as team manager doing alien weed control as part of the rehabilitation project at the King Shaka International Airport under the mentorship of Michael Hickman. Thereafter Hlengiwe very eficiently managed the invasive alien eradication and control project at Mount Moreland Conservancy for Ziyenzeka Weed Control.  Michael Hickman of Ecoman  provided mentorship as well as environmental and technical direction where required on both projects.

Since July 2018 Hlengiwe has worked full time as the CEO of HLEM under the mentorship of Michael Hickman.

Our main fields of acivity

Identification of Plants both indigenous as well as alien weeds

Vegetation assessments

Alien weed control

Rehabilitation and care of the natural environment

Landscaping using exclusively indigenous plants

Green roof design and construction

Training of staff for other environmental management companies


Our Expertise

Apart from our own considerable expertise we have a number of associates who are recognised experts in their fields that we can call upon when required.


All plants used by HLEM in landscape construction as well as in restoration of natural ecosystems will only be sourced from nurseries that supply plants of the highest quality possible.


Physical Address

7 Agnes Street

Mount Moreland


Postal Address

PO Box 60

4345 Mount Moreland


Mobile:    082 061 2593

    email hlengiwe luthuli environmental managemet


Michael Hickman Pest Control Operator

Registered to apply both herbicides and pecticides for weed control and for landscape application.

pco michael hickman 2030-2023

Pest Control Operator Certificate

The HLEM team leaders Michael and Hlengiwe

Michael Hickman owner of HLEM and Hlengiwe Luthuli CEO

new member of our team mlondi hlengiwe luthuli's son employed as trainee environmental manager

Hlengiwe's son Mlondi is the new member of our team employed as a trainee environmental manager

HLEM invasive alien schefflera actinophylla NEMBA Category 1b invasive alien plant

Schefflera actinophylla a very destructive to buildings NEMBA Category 1b invasive alien plant growing at Mount Moreland Conservancy



Green Roof




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