Green Roof Construction

Green Roof Research Project Durban

I was very fortunate to be included in the team that conducted the green roof pilot project the first and only research project undertaken in South Africa in which ground breaking research was undertaken to determine many aspects of green roof design and construction as well as the suitability of a range local South African plants to be grown in the green roof environment under the leadership of the green roof expert Dr Clive Greenstone and plant specialist and green roof designer and builder Michael Hickman.

green roof project

Green roof pilot project Durban, March 2009

greenroof project durban

Green roof pilot project Durban, October ‎ ‎2010

Green Roof Project Ixopo

Following the successful green roof research project I was invited to participate in the planning and to manage the planting of as far as is known the biggest green roof project in South Africa using exclusively local indigenous plants at Ixopo KwaZulu-Natal

green roof ixopo

The Green Team Green Roof Ixopo, October ‎30, ‎2011
Hlengiwe Luthuli     Michael Hickman     Dr Clive Greenstone

Green Roof Project Sundpumping Station Durban

Again I had the great pleasure to be able to be a member of the team headed by Dr Clive Greenstone  and plant specialist Michael Hickman where I as in the past also managed the planting of the green roof.

sandpumping station durban

Sand Pumping Station Durban,  ‎February ‎2012

green roof sand pumping station durban

Green roof on the sand pumping station Durban harbour entrance




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