Weed Control for Dube Tradeport

Special Trade Zone 3 Offset

Weed control is being undertaken alongside the Umdloti River as well as in wetlands and riparian forest along streams that feed into the Umdloti River.

HLEM at all time takes the utmost care of the natural environment in particular of the many creatures to which these areas are their home doing all weed control in a manner that causes the least disturbance to resident creatures and plants and which has the minimum negative impact on the natural environment.

alien weed control dube tradeport Special trade zone 3 offset

Map of the area where alien invasive weed control will be undertaken along rivers and in wetlands.

Running Frog Kassina senegalensis photo taken at Mount Moreland Durban South Africa

Here is a photo of the very interesting Running Frog Kassina senegalensis taken in the project area at Mount Moreland  South Africa

White-fronted-Bee-eater Merops bullockoides umdloti river

HLEM discovered that a colony of White-fronted-Bee-eaters Merops bullockoides have taken up residence alongside the Umdloti River within the area which HLEM is carrying out alien invasive weed control extending the southern limit of there range.

peristrophe cernua

Dicliptera cernua previously known as Peristrophe cernua a endemic to South Africa which occurs on the site is usually found growing in warm areas of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. It can be found in Valley Bushveld from the Gamtoos River to KwaZulu-Natal.



Green Roof




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