Indigenous Landscaping

Waterways Residential Estate Tongaat

Landscaping Waterways residential development Tongaat May 2017. This has been the biggest single landscape project that I have managed the installation  of albeit under the watchful eye of my mentor.

grassing wateways project tongaat

Supervising the site preparation at waterways

Supervising the site preparation at waterways

laying instant turf waterways tongaat

The trees are planted and the instant lawn has been layed at the front waiting to be watered and rolled

watering lawn waterways tongaat

Taking a break to put some water on the lawn at Waterways

Landscaping Ixopo

Following the successful installation the green roof landscape project at Ixopo Dr Greenstone tendered for and got the contract to do the landscape with exclusively local indigenous plants of the entire property which measures about 10,000 square meters. Work commenced in June ‎6 2012. I was fortunate to again become involved with the installation of the landscape plan together with Dr Greenstone and Michael Hickman. The plan called for the establishment of areas of wetland as well as natural grassland. For the grassland area we collected, dried and stored our own grass seed from local sources to be planted at the begining of the spring growing season.

getting started with landscaping ixopo

Getting started with shovel and wheel barrow

rotorvating soil ixopo

Rotorvating the soil in preparation to planting at Ixopo

landscape ixopo

landscaping at Ixopo




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