Specialist Vegetation Studies

We at HLEM has a team of associates that has considerable experience in doing vegetation assesments, indigenous plant identification as well as the identification of NEMBA listed alien Invasive Plants.
As a member of the Ecoman Team I have been doing plant identification and vegetation surveys for over eight years.

Plant Identification at Kwa Shoba

Plant Identification in the mountains at Kwa Shoba west of Pongola near to the Swaziland border.

HLEM indigenous plant identification Kwa Shoba

Hlengiwe doing indigenous plant identification at Kwa Shoba

HLEM plant identification Euclea natalensis subsp. magutensis

Euclea natalensis subsp. magutensis

HLEM aloe marlothii plant identification Kwa Shoba

A very large Aloe marlothii

View Example Vegetation Report for this Study

Plant Identification Jwaneng Botswana

For the last eight years we have done an annual vegetation survey for the Debswana Diamond Mine at Jwaneng which accounts for the less known plants in our region shown below. Another of our cross border plant identification destinations has been Benguera Island off the coast of Mozambique.

bauhinia_petersiana_subsp. macrantha plant identification and vegetation suj

Bauhinia petersiana subsp. macrantha plant identification and vegetation survey at Jwaneng, Botswana

Clerodendrum uncinatum plant identification jwaneng Botswana

Clerodendrum uncinatum plant identification Jwaneng Botswana

Elephantorrhiza elephantina a subtteranean tree plant identification jwaneng botswana

Elephantorrhiza elephantina a subtteranean tree plant identification Jwaneng Botswana

Pancratium tenuifolium photo taken duwhile identifing plants at jwaneng botswana

Pancratium tenuifolium photo taken while identifing plants at Jwaneng Botswana

tylosema esculentum  marama bean growing at jwaneng botswana

Tylosema esculentum known as marama bean growing at Jwaneng Botswana

Ornithogalum pulchrum  bulb growing jwaneng botswana plant survey

Ornithogalum pulchrum  bulb growing at Debswana Diamond Mine Jwaneng Botswana

Diospyros rotundifolia plant identification Benguerra Mozambique

Vegetation assesment and plant identification Benguerra Island Mozambique



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